Massage is a nurturing touch which is more powerful than we can imagine. It's therapeutic use dates back as far as mankind to ancient Egypt, India and the Far East. Current and ancient wisdom tells us that true health is a balance of the Body, Mind and Spirit (or whatever your culture may call it).

Jack Meagher was a human massage therapist known as the father of equine sports massage. He began working on horses in the 70's when he worked on a friend's lame quarter horse. He began applying massage techniques to thoroughbreds and quickly found himself as a member of the U.S. Equestrian Team because his results were so impressive.

His methods were scientifically researched and the results supported the beneficial effects on athletic performance and general function.




     Equine massage therapy is not a substitute for proper veterinary care and does not diagnose. If your horse is currently under the care of a veterinarian, you should first consult your vet before seeking service.



Equine Sports Massage Therapy

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